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Accounts of the municipal improvements written by J Horace McFarland, titled "Some Account of the Improvement Movement; Began in 1902; with the progress of the work to the end in 1906".

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The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool soon after their completion during Washington D.C.'s City Beautiful Movement in the early 1920s.

chicago world's fair 1893.tif
A photograph of a section of Daniel Burnham's White City, part of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair which went on to inspire the countrywide City Beautiful Movement. This section is called the "Court of Honor".

Botanical created by Dock for botanical lectures and classes.

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This is a picture of the newly installed river steps on the bank of the Susquehanna River.

A letter from Mira Lloyd Dock to the McFarlands, discussing Dock's old age and her desire to protect nature despite this fact.

March 15, 1936
My very dear McFarlands,
If you could know the many times I wish I would see you, you might be…

A letter from J. Horace McFarland to Mira Lloyd Dock, discussing a gift of pine trees to the Park Commission, a new part of Reservoir Park, and a coming lecture.

A letter from Mira's father, Gillard Dock, to Mira Dock, when she was traveling in the West. Discusses destinations on Mira's trip and her father's desire to get in contact with a family friend.

September 12, '78
My Dear Daughter
I received your…

forestry certificate.jpg
An official certificate stating that Mira Lloyd Dock has been made a member of the State Forestry Reservation Commission. Dated February 21st, 1911 in Harrisburg, PA.

Ticket to one of Dock's lectures entitled "Talk on Ferns," given at the YMCA in November of 1896.
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