City Green Space and Parks


City Green Space and Parks


public parks and conservation


City Beautiful activists and their efforts to create and maintain better public space, parks, and green space.


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Pennsylvania State Archives MG043, MG085
Historical Society of Dauphin County MG229, MG063


Messiah College Department of History




Pennsylvania State Archives
Dauphin County Historical Society


Messiah College Department of History






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Harrisburg 1870-1940

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Grace Sunday School Lecture Course 1899-1900
This is an advertisement for a lecture series at the Grace Sunday School featuring J. Horace McFarland and Mira Lloyd Dock. It showcases both as prominent public speakers. Dock's speech is specifically centered on the topic of beautification meant…

Letter to Mira Lloyd Dock and Newspaper article from F.L. Bitter
This is a handwritten informal letter from the recording secretary F.L. Bitter to Mira Lloyd Dock about the Pennsylvania Forestry Association's publication "Forest Leaves" and an illness Dock had been fighting. Also attached is a newspaper article…

Picture of Mira Lloyd Dock and the Pennsylvania Forestry Association in 1908.

Letter written by Mira Lloyd Dock to the president of the PA Forestry Assn. about the lack of a committee to take care of and create open green space in Pennsylvania. She proposes that the society accept donations of open land and use them to make…

Selections from the Executive Committee of Harrisburg's discussion of the Municipal improvement plan in 1901. Headed my Vance McCormick and J. Horace McFarland, this plan consisted of renovating the water filtration system , the improvement and…

A letter from the Jessie T. Morgan, the director of the School of Horticulture for Women to Mira Lloyd Dock regarding her donations to the school and her involvement in its establishment and continuation

This letter between Mira Lloyd Dock and J. Horace McFarland shows how both were deeply committed to cleaning up Harrisburg.

A Letter exchange between J. Horace McFarland and Mira Lloyd Dock regarding cooperation with the Forestry Assn. to buy up land for a park and the planting of certain types of trees.

This documents relates how the Society of Horticulture for Women was founded at the first agricultural conference for women organized by Marion Parris. It gives all the details of how the society would run and what each position represents

A letter from J. Horace McFarland concerning a plan Mira Dock had proposed to Vance McCormick and Edward Gross that had not been accepted yet.
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