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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


This glass negative found at the Pennsylvania State Archives is one of the only pictures of the floods that effected Harrisburg. Although it is not clear which flood this glass negative portrays, it is evident that the floods that hit Harrisburg were quite devastating.

This record from the 1894 City of Harrisburg Municipal report gives us a glimpse of the water levels that the flood had. According to the report, the 1894 flood had a high water mark of 24 feet 11 inches. This flood, according to the report, shut down almost everything. The city had a hard time getting the pumps started due to the fact that the boilers which ran the pumps were under water.

This report portrays the water level changes of the reservoir. This report, located in the 1894 City of Harrisburg Municipal report, also shows the time and height of the reservoir's water levels.