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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

Water Issues

This photo located in the 1897 municipal report provides a glimpse into the condition of the pumping stations. As the picture depicts the station looks somewhat on the smaller side. This pumping station along with many other stations in the city were too small to keep up with the constant demand of water that the city of Harrisburg needed. 

The 1887 Report of the Harrisburg waterworks gives us a good discription of what the waterworks were doing for the city. This is one of the only descriptions that we have of the funtion and the rate of the waterworks located in the city. According to the reports, the city has the lowest running cost in the country.

This excerpt from the city of Harrisburg 1892 Municipal reprot shows problems that the water systerm in the city. According to the report, on Feb. 11 cracks apperied in one of the water mains within the city. Along with the cracks to the water main, the waterworks was working harder this year along with crews trying to fix problems with the water mains acrossed the city.

This article from 1902 shows the there is no danger in the water produced from the waterworks. Alum in the water would cause poisoning. This shows that the problem that the waterworks were having wasn’t due to the Alum in the water, and that the problem was due to something else.


City of Harrisburg 1890 Report on water mains shows the condition of the water mains within the city. According to the reports, the water mains were in poor conditions and needed up dating and repairing.