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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


These images were collected from the Pennsylvania State Archives and the Dauphin County Archives. I capturees images with a digital camera and then transfered them to my computer. The goal of this exhibit is to shed light on flooding in Harrisburg. Combining data with images shows just how high the river reached in 1889. Newspaper headlines from the time tell us what Harrisburgers were reading and shed a bit of light on what they would of been thinking as they were seeing the river rising. This collection was brought together to impress upon the reader the scope of the floods of 1889 and 1894 and what an affect they have on the citizens of Harrisburg. These two floods were some of the worst in the state and they were within 5 years of each other. Leading up to the City Beautiful movement these floods would still be lingering in the minds of the citizens and leaders of the movement.