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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


Wake Up, Old Man! They're Looking At You!

Wake Up, Old Man! They're Looking At You!
The Telegraph

As the Municipal League encouraged the city to embark on a journey towards a greater beautiful Harrisburg, documenting the support and opposition stood the Harrisburg Patriot, Telegraph, and Philadelphia Press newspapers. These newspapers presented the details to residents noting when support arose, opposition diminish, and the battle behind the campaign. Of course, each newspaper held their respective bias. The Patriot produced numerous articles criticizing the campaign and release what they felt was “the truth”. Conversely, The Telegraph published articles supporting and confirming the mission of the improvement plan winning over the hearts of many citizens.This section is comprised of articles from the Dauphin County Historical Socity from boxes one to five of MG 025. MG 025 contains prints and publications released by the Municipal League of Harrisburg. This box also contains a scrapbook by an unknown resident of Harrisburg who archived articles pertaining to the Campaign for Improvement.