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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

Supporters of the Campaign

Vote for the Improvement , 1901

Vote For The Public Improvements!
By: George Biss
Harrisburg League for Municipal Improvements

"Civic Club in Line With Municipal Improvements", 1902

Civic Club in Line With Municipal Improvements 
January 21, 1902
The Telegraph 

Ministers in Line<br />
January 1902

Ministers in Line 
January 1902
The Telegraph  

"Board of Trade Heartily Endorses Improvements", 1902

Board of Trade Heartily Endorses Improvements
January 15, 1902
The Telegraph 

"East Harrisburg is for Improvements", 1902

East Harrisburg for Improvements
February 4, 1902
The Telegraph 

Society Ladies and City Improvements<br />
January 17, 1902

Society Ladies and City Improvements
January 17, 1902
The Telegraph