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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


The Awakening of Harrisburg

The Harrisburg Municipal League was officially formed in August of 1902 and was previously known as the Harrisburg League for Civic Improvements in 1901. The league was formed in order to develop and improve the issues in the city of Harrisburg, including sanitation, water and parks.  The league was made up of some of Harrisburg’s most elite and respected people, such as city councilman Vance McCormick, who In 1909, became chairman of the league and went on to become president of the league. Shortly after its development, the league had gained two more widely respected people, including landscape architect Warren H Manning and sanitary engineer James H Fuertes, who had just finished his textbook on water filtration.  Other respected league members include J Horace McFarland, who was the league’s secretary all 45 years that it ran; E.Z. Wallace, who was an early chairman of the executive committee; William Lynch Murray and Dr. Roy Stetler, who were the league's two last vice presidents. The Municipal League continued to function until Vance McCormick’s death in 1946 (Beers).