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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

Anti-Typhoid Ticket

Alum in Water

"Tests Show no Danger of Alum in Filtered Water"

In Harrisburg, the city water system caused a lot of trouble. Water throughout the city was unfiltered and had damaging effects. One of the most dangerous threats to the city was the spread of typhoid. Bacterial infection spread throughout the water, causing Typhoid Fever - an untreatable, fatal illness. Vance McCormick ran for mayor in 1902 on what he called the "Anti-Typhoid Ticket." One of McCormick's goals for his time in office was to create a treatment system for the water of Harrisburg in order to stop the spread of typhoid. Throughout his time in office, McCormick implemented a filtration system for the city and helped end the spread of typhoid throughout Harrisburg.

Chart on Typhoid Figures

This chart captures the number of residents of Harrisburg who had typhoid due to the lack of filtered water in the city.

As to Typhoid

These articles show the effects of typhoid on the citizens of Harrisburg, all due to the unfiltered water in Harrisburg. The number of citizens who have been affected by typhoid is reflected throughout these articles.

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