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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


Vance McCormick in the 1900 Census

This image captures Vance McCormick's record in the 1900 census, at which time McCormick was in residence at his parent's home.

Born in Harrisburg, PA, in 1872, Vance Criswell McCormick would make an immense impact on the world by the time of his death in 1946. In his youth, McCormick attended Harrisburg Academy and Yale University, making a name for himself as an athlete. He later returned to Harrisburg and became president of The Patriot Company, a prominent Harrisburg publishing company. In 1902, McCormick made the decision to run for Mayor of Harrisburg. His political career would then skyrocket in the future. After his election, McCormick immediately set about making improvements to the city. He is credited today with having improved the parks, streets, water system, and building steps along the Susquehanna River which still exist today.

Vance C. McCormick Photo

Vance C. McCormick

McCormick Will Run if Named

Article announcing that Vance McCormick will run for mayor if he is named.

This newspaper article is discussing the upcoming election and the hope that McCormick will run in the election. McCormick had agreed at this point to run in the election if he was named as a candidate.