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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


Looks Like M'Cormick and Royal

The election of 1902 is regarded as the most spirited election in Harrisburg history. This election pitted Republican Samuel Hassler against Democrat Vance McCormick, the owner of the Patriot newspaper. The owner of the competing newspaper, the Telegraph, backed Hassler and used his influence at the newspaper to show his support of Hassler. Meanwhile, McCormick used his influence at the Patriot to do the same, launching a newspaper war in Harrisburg over the election. On this page, you can look through newspaper clippings about McCormick and those who endorsed him for the 1902 election.

M'Cormick Endorsed in Sixth Ward

This series of articles discusses the endorsements of McCormick by several different groups of people throughout Harrisburg. This includes the citizens of the Sixth Ward and the Democratic Party.

City Democratic Ticket

These newspaper articles from the Patriot show the candidates for the 1902 election for the Democratic and Republican parties.

Republican City Ticket
Vance C. M'Cormick for Mayor

These articles are campaign advertisements for Vance McCormick during the 1902 campaign.

Vote for Vance C. McCormick
Democracy United in Support of City Ticket
Mr. M'Cormick is for the Improvements

This newspaper article from the Patriot shows the fact that McCormick, once elected, intends to aid the proposed improvements planned for the city of Harrisburg, or to advance the City Beautiful Movement.

Democratic Ticket Will Win