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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

Election Results

Local Election Returns

After an exciting election, Vance McCormick won the 1902 mayoral election 7,066 votes to 4,503 votes, and was inaugurated on April1, 1902. McCormick would go on to be one of, if not the most, influential mayor in Harrisburg's history. Well-known as an "All-American" man, McCormick immediately set about making improvements to Harrisburg, starting with cleaning up the city. J. Horace McFarland, a friend and fellow City Beautiful advocate, said of McCormick, "The administration of Mayor McCormick was a revelation. The city was cleaned up, morally and physically, as fast as this active young man could bring it about." This page explores the election wrap-up and some of the legacy of Mayor Vance McCormick.

Election Wrapup

These articles show the wrap-up from the 1902 election, including McCormick's landslide victory and the future of Harrisburg.

M'Cormick and Royal Win Easily
Telegrams for Victory I

These telegrams were sent to McCormick by friends upon hearing the news of his mayoral victory in 1902.

Telegrams for Victory II
Telegrams for Victory III
Formal Inauguration for Vance McCormick

This article discusses the impending inauguration for Vance McCormick in Harrisburg.

Mayor-Elect Vance C. McCormick