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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


Forestry Map
A map of forestry in Pennsylvania by 1910. This map was found in Mira Lloyd Dock's collection of documents. It shows the importance of forestry to the City Beautiful movement and how it wanted to improve the mid-Pennsylvania area.

Another component of the City Beautiful Movement was to increase the amount of forest land that mid-Pennsylvania had. The increasing and of spreading industrialization and the escalating population growth meant that the amount of land that was not altered by human settlement was vastly dwindling by the start of the 20th century. Many longed for the history of vast untouched land that gave so much beauty to the country. This included the City of Harrisburg too. Increasing the amount of forestry in and around the city gave it a somewhat rural feel. The City Beautiful movement worked to bring back its rural reputation by creating programs that helped build and maintain forests and taught many citizens agricultural lessons to improve the land and to make the city more environmentally friendly.

Forest Nursery

A picture of a forestation program in Harrisburg

This forestation program is the beginnings of the growth of a new section of forest.

Harrisburg Garden School

A Harrisburg garden school

This is a picture of a garden school that was created by the movement to teach Harrisburg residents effective agricultural practices. This picture shows a group with a wide range of ages, possibly a family, enrolled in the school.