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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

Parks in Harrisburg

Riverside Park

Riverside park, North Front street, shows the depressed path along the river break.

The City Beautiful Movement focused on providing a better and cleaner city for the residents to enjoy. A wise way to do this would be to create new parks and improve old ones.  More parks in the area allowed for stronger communities by providing large, open areas for communal or familial groups to gather. Not only was it good for the environment, but it also improved the beauty of the city. The parks quickly became a sense of pride for the Harrisburg community. To the left are examples of photos taken of multiple different parks that were improved during the City Beautiful Movement, such as Resevoir park, with its tennis courts that provided citizens with more availability of recreational activities, and Independence Island, which gave many families chances to go swimming in clean water.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts in Reservoir park in 1906

The tennis courts added to Reservoir Park, one of the improvements made during the City Beautiful Movement, provided more ways for citizens to be active and enjoy the city's green spaces.

Wetzel's Swamp Beeches

Wetzel's Swamp

 In Wetzel's Swamp, that were renovations that led to the creation of Wildwood Park.

Cameron Parkway

Cameron Parkway along Spring Creek

Improvements on Cameron Parkway made along Spring Creek, a six mile-long  stream that connects to the Susquehanna River in Dauphin County. These improvements helped advance the beautification project of Harrisburg.

Gathering at Independence Island

A picture of a large gathering of Harrisburg residents enjoying the new park at Independence Island

Clean water and increased space at Independence Island made many parks lovely venues for get-togethers and various outdoor events.