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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


Building a playground

A group of school children doing their part in building a new playground area. 

Playgrounds and picnic areas were very important to the City Beautiful movement. Picnic areas, just like the larger parks that often encompassed them, gave outdoor space for social events and casual meetings. Many families would take advantage of a nice sunny day to have a picnic in Resevoir Park. Playgrounds were also important to the movement. Children needed places to enjoy the outdoors and get needed exercise in a safe environment. Playgrounds were put into both parks and school grounds. With the national sense of optimism and charisma for improvement of society during the early 20th century, many started to focus on the luxuries that were now available to ordinary citizens. People in America now could give attention to trying to have an improved, more sanitary play area for their children or to give more time to athletics and leisure. The City Beautiful Movement's improvements helped with this change of social life.

Picnic Ground

Reservoir Park

An established picnic ground near Reservoir Park was made from proposed tax increases.

Outdoor Gymnasium

Outdoor gymansium and wading pool

An outdoor gymansium and wading pool at Twelfth Street playground was created under the municipal improvements during the City Beautiful Movement.