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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


This exhibit contains many of the primary advancements that Harrisburg made during the "City Beautiful Movement." The advancements come from the time, titled in Paul Beers' book "City Contented, City Discontented, as Harrisburg's Renaissance I. A time after the turn of the century where the city paid twenty-five million dollars for the plan called "Harrisburg Improvement." The "Harrisburg Improvement" plan gave way for the creation of including, but not limited to, street paving and water/sewer/flood control, both of these considered to be the most costly of the proposed projects displayed in the exhibit. The photos used in the exhibit, dedicated to the improvements that the city of Harrisburg made during the early Twentieth Century, come from the Dauphin County Historical Society. The collections that the images came from include primarily, but not excluded to, MG-229 "J Horace McFarland Collection" and MG-696 "The Civic Club".