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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

Front Streets

South Front Street

South Front Street showing on right Riverside Park. The street is paved with asphault and there is a grass plot on the left.

Harrisburg’s most specaturaly displayed street from the very beginning included Harrisburg's Front Street along the river bank. The streets made orginally so beautiful that many governors decided to live on the either the North, West, or South Front streets. Originally before the City Beautiful movement the improperly maintained streets left a mess for the whole community. The overgrown population made many of the streets incapable of staying maintained. The Harrisburg Renaissance soon brought forth a way of new construction.  Due to the reconstruction of these roads many of them received proper foundations and grass plots to provide for their restoration of their beauty.

North Front Street

On the bank of the Susquehanna River where a park has been established and the street paved with asphault.

West State Street

West State street, in front of the Capitol, that shows the one-hundred and twenty street long grass central grass plot.

Warren Manning's Efforts

Details about Warren Manning and his efforts to improve Front Street.