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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

River Steps/ Improvements

Clean Streets and Riverside Parks

Awakening of Harrisburg that details the improvements that include recently developed streets and parks by the riverside.

Construction of the river steps along the waterfront made citizens become more civically active in cleaning up their city, their home. The City Beautiful Movement brought forth the City’s first water filtration systems that began to sanitize the tainted water. The expansion and unification of the riverfront and the construction of the river steps erased the image of Harrisburg of ever being a "dump" according to Mira Llyod Dock.

Susquehanna River

Tainted water on the shores of the Susquehanna River

River Steps

This is a picture of the newly installed river steps on the bank of the Susquehanna River.

Filtration Plants

Filtration plants on the Susquehanna River in 1902. This filtration plant took over twelve million gallons of water daily.

Streets and Rivers
River Steps/ Improvements