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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful


While Sachs building was beautiful, her clothing and designs were also loved and brought beauty as well. Mary Sachs was quoted, "presenting, not stylish clothes, but simple, basic, beautiful clothes, clothes which derive their charm from good line and exquisite workmanship." Mary Sachs wanted good quality clothes to make the men, women, and children of Harrisburg look charming. For her, dress was an art form, and it was an art form that many people appreciated. Her clothing choices brought an air of sophistication to Harrisburg. One man, even goes as far as to say Mary Sachs’ clothing shop is similar to those in his Paris (A Letter from a Paris Gentleman, 1927). The City Beautiful movement is showed through this because Mira Lloyd went to European cities and discovered just how beautiful cities could be, and here is a man saying that he can see Paris in Miss Sachs store. Sachs' design led to an improved look of Harrisburg.