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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

Mira Lloyd Dock

Mira Lloyd Dock was integral to the beginning of the City Beautiful Movement and continued to be a part of the movement (Beers 2011). She moved from Harrisburg soon after her renowned speech before the Board of Trade. This does not mean that she was excluded from the narrative of the movement. One example of her influence is her extensive correspondence with McFarland that was discussed in the previous section. A specific example of this is a letter McFarland wrote to her in 1902 that mixes friendly parts, like planning a visit to her home and also professional news, informing her about the Park Commission.

Letter from Olmsted to Dock

Olmsted offers to clarify some issues concerning Dock's lantern slides.

Her papers are also filled with letters to and from various women’s groups, people’s reactions to her speeches, and correspondence with other reformers. She was in correspondence with Warren H. Manning and Frederick Law Olmsted, who was involved with Central Park (Beers 2011). 

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