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Harrisburg: The City Beautiful

Warren H. Manning

Letter from Manning to McFarland

Manning offers counsel on McFarland's resignation as A.C.A. president and sends him well wishes for the holidays.

Warren H. Manning was the engineer of the green spaces and conservation efforts of the City Beautiful Movement (Beers 2011). Manning and McFarland worked together. This is evidenced in McFarland’s correspondence files at the archives. At the end of a letter sent to McFarland in 1924, Manning ends it with a friendly wish for happy holidays and a good new year. 


Letter from Manning to Dock Letter from Manning to Dock

Manning discusses a book he will be receiving from Dock and how he is dividing up his personal collections to leave his legacy.

Manning and Mira Lloyd Dock were also acquainted and in 1927, Manning sent Dock a letter discussing books, magazines, and their legacies as the movement was coming to an end. Manning signs this letter with a wish for health and well-being for Dock’s sisters. These reformers knew each other and each other's personal lives, not just professional details. Their network is responsible, in part, for the success of the City Beautiful Movement.


Beers, Paul. 2012. City Contented, City Discontented: A History of Modern Harrisburg. Edited by Michael Barton. 1st Edition edition. State College, PA: Midtown Scholar Press.


Warren H. Manning