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Warren Manning replies to Mira Dock's inquiry of certain pictures of certain flowers.

John E Ford writes to Dock notfying her of his bill creating a Beaureau of Agriculture

Mira Dock writes to Umbarger requesting the removal of the city jail as it makes the entire city seem unsightly.

The Chief of the Forestry Dvision replies to Mira Dock's inquiry of Forestry records saying he is unable to collect all records. He suggests seeking the records at the state level.

Frederick Law Olmstead repliesto Mira Dock's Inquiry of the filling of Back Bay, Boston, Mass.

This is an advertisement for a lecture series at the Grace Sunday School featuring J. Horace McFarland and Mira Lloyd Dock. It showcases both as prominent public speakers. Dock's speech is specifically centered on the topic of beautification meant…

This is a handwritten informal letter from the recording secretary F.L. Bitter to Mira Lloyd Dock about the Pennsylvania Forestry Association's publication "Forest Leaves" and an illness Dock had been fighting. Also attached is a newspaper article…

Post Card of the new State Capitol Building

A letter from Philadelphia suggesting that the Capitol should be moved

A newspaper article criticizing the new capitol design
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