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This political cartoon depicts Harrisburg as a tired old man awoken by the shouts of Philadelphia, Scranton, and other Pennsylvania cities. These cities were observing the Campaign of Improvement.

"A Comic Valentine for Harrisburg"

This is a cartoon depicting the Municipal Improvement as a woman holding a large umbrella welcoming in the wards of Harrisburg protecting them from the rain. Note which ward is first.

"Everybody Come In"
The Telegraph

Crop Image.png
This cartoon cartoon displays a sleeping Harrisburg watched by multiple cities.

This cartoon portrays a puzzled Harrisburg who is determining what problems exist, if any, in his city.

This cartoon shows Harrisburg in 1925 with the city pleased at its choice in investment for the City Beautiful Project.

The Telegraph

Vance McCormick Census.jpg
This picture is a screenshot of Vance McCormick's information in the 1900 Census of Harrisburg. Here you can see his address in 1900, the information on his family, and all of his information, including his literacy, his employment, and his age.

Vance C. McCormick.JPG
This is a photograph of Vance McCormick that was released in the newspaper during his campaign for mayor.

Alum in Water.jpg
A newspaper article discussing the state of the water supply in Harrisburg.

Appendix II.jpg
This chart shows the figures for the effects of Typhoid on the people of Harrisburg.

As to Typhoid.jpg
This newspaper article describes solutions for Typhoid in Harrisburg.
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