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Filtration will Banish All Typhoid.jpg
A newspaper article discussing filtration in Harrisburg as a preventative measure against Typhoid.

Harrisburg Must Have Filtration.jpg
This article discusses the need for a filtration system in Harrisburg.

How to Wipe Out the Danger from Typhoid.jpg
This newspaper article discusses how to eliminate the threat of Typhoid in Harrisburg.

More Typhoid Reports.jpg
A newspaper article reporting some recent developments in Typhoid in Harrisburg

Image one for improvements section.jpg
This is the cover of a report of the Executive Committee on the Proposed Municipal Improvements for Harrisburg, Pa

M'Cormick will Run if Named.JPG
A newspaper article discussing Vance McCormick's intention to run for mayor if named.

1901 Hurrah Hurrah.jpg
"Vote for the Public Improvement" was a song created by George F. Ross to the tune of "Marching Through Georgia". It appeared in a pamphlet distributed by the Harrisburg League for Municipal Improvement.

Page 53 of Harrisburg's 1894 report describes the social activities and celebrations at Reservoir Park, indicating the success of a green space before the City Beautiful Movement began.

Page 73 of Harrisburg's 1897 report shows pictures of Reservoir Park, which had been maintained for its vast crowds. Prior to the City Beautiful Movement, there was a civic awareness of the great impact of green spaces like Reservoir Park.

image four for improvements section.jpg
A map of the preliminary plans for the rapid filter plant
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