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This political cartoon depicts Harrisburg as a tired old man awoken by the shouts of Philadelphia, Scranton, and other Pennsylvania cities. These cities were observing the Campaign of Improvement.

"A Comic Valentine for Harrisburg"

Phila Press Jan 11 1902 Lawyers Endorse.jpg
The Bar Association of Harrisburg praises, endorses, and passes a resolution supporting the Campaign for Improvements.

"Lawyers Endorse the Plans"
Philadelphia Press

January 27 The Telegraph In Response.jpg
The Telegraph warns renters in Harrisburg to not listen to the false allegations others are making against the campaign regarding an increase in taxes and living.

"Renters Must Not Listen to the Croaker"
The Telegraph

Jan 11 1902 Big Meeting Court House.jpg

A meeting was held for the public discussing the Campaign for Improvement and the effects it would have on the city.

"Big Meeting"
January 11, 1902
The Telegraph

An Important Meeting Jan 13 1902 Court House.jpg
An important meeting to the Campaign for Improvement was held at the Harrisburg court house with Judge Simonton presiding.

"An Important Meeting"
The Telegraph

Feb 3 Big Meetings.jpg
A big meeting was held by the Municipal League at the Union Square Auditorium in Allison Hill.

"Big Meeting"
The Telegraph

Jan 25 th Meeting at Church.jpg
James A. Stranahan and Robert Snodgrnas addressed a crowd at a meeting on Kelker Street Hall about the Campaign for Improvement.

"Kelker St. Hall Mass Meeting"
The Telegraph
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