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digital history image 34.jpg
This is a picture of the newly installed river steps on the bank of the Susquehanna River.

image 52 for improvements .jpg
An article about the ballots for the improvements.

Jan 21 THe Telegraph Civic Club.jpg
The Civic Club supports the Municipal League and their efforts in making Harrisburg nobler and happier in a warfare against public dirt, disease, and selfishness.

"Civic Club in Line With Municipal Improvements"
The Telegraph

Feb 4 1902 The Telegraph East Harrisburg.jpg
East Harrisburg supports the Campaign for Improvements launched by the city's Municipal League.

"East Harrisburg is for Improvements"
The Telegraph

digital history image 9.jpg
The mansion of John Harris was of discussion to have improvements done to it as a historic piece. Harris was the founder of Harrisburg, who lived until the mid 18th century.

digital history image 29.jpg
Here is a picture of a highway with sidewalk improvements

digital history image 28.jpg
The need for sidewalks has caused the instillation of them around the city to make walking safer for pedestrians.

digital history image 27.jpg
This photo captures high school students walking back from school along abandoned trolly tracks because there are no sidewalk on which to walk on.

digital history image 26.jpg
This image shows a busy road without any sidewalks on it.

digital history image 25.jpg
A newly installed highway for traveling in and out of the city.
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