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A letter from John M. Macfarlane to Mira Lloyd dock, thanking her for botanical specimens.

Letter from Warren Manning to Mira Dock, discussing an inquiry from Dock about helping with Harrisburg Parks.

Letter from J. Horace McFarland to Mira Dock, discussing the response of contributors to an improvement report.

Letter from J. Horace McFarland to Mira Lloyd Dock, discussing a strategy to be used to gain support for an improvement plan.

Letter from Mira Lloyd Dock to J. Horace McFarland, demonstrating her sadness that she can no longer aid in improvement or conservation affairs.

February 12, 1942
Dear Dr. McFarland - Thank you very much for your informing letter of the 6th about…

mcfarland letter.jpg
Letter from J. Horace McFarland to Mira Lloyd Dock, discussing the response to her very recent City Beautiful speech.

An article from an 1899 newspaper telling of a coming lecture by Mira Dock, and recapping previous her previous lectures on the same topic.

Headline of an article from the Wilkes-Barre Record (year unknown) in the Town Improvemens [sic] column about a lecture given by Dock with suggestions for city improvement.

Article about Dock's induction to the Forestry Commission, of which she was the first female member.

An article written by Mira Lloyd Dock for the Patriot newspaper, detailing her thoughts on keeping the city of Harrisburg beautiful.
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