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Page 53 of Harrisburg's 1894 report describes the social activities and celebrations at Reservoir Park, indicating the success of a green space before the City Beautiful Movement began.

Page 73 of Harrisburg's 1897 report shows pictures of Reservoir Park, which had been maintained for its vast crowds. Prior to the City Beautiful Movement, there was a civic awareness of the great impact of green spaces like Reservoir Park.

Improvements made in Reservoir Park in 1906 that led to the creation of new tennis courts.

Page 54 of Harrisburg's 1894 report describes the Reservoir Park's maintenance and improvements. The successful establishment of Reservoir Park would become a model for parks established during the City Beautiful Movement.

Page 73 of Harrisburg's 1897 municipal report describes how crowded the park was during the summer, portraying the success of the city's sole green space (more of which would be developed during City Beautiful).

Page 84 of Harrisburg's 1900 municipal report describes the influx of visitors to Reservoir Park (just prior to the City Beautiful Movement).

Page 85 in Harrisburg's 1900 municipal report argues for Reservoir Park to be enlarged because of the massive number of visitors to the park. The success of this park would play a role in the impending City Beautiful Movement.
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