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Phila Press Jan 11 1902 Lawyers Endorse.jpg
The Bar Association of Harrisburg praises, endorses, and passes a resolution supporting the Campaign for Improvements.

"Lawyers Endorse the Plans"
Philadelphia Press

January 17 1902 Telegraph Elite Support.jpg
Harrisburg elite show interest in the movement following J. H. McFarland explaining how the city would be improved.

"Society Ladies and City Improvements"
January 17, 1902
The Telegraph

Jan 31 The Telegraph Youth.jpg
High school boys volunteer for improvements by passing out pamphlets for the Municipal League.

January 31, 1902
The Telegraph

Jan 21 THe Telegraph Civic Club.jpg
The Civic Club supports the Municipal League and their efforts in making Harrisburg nobler and happier in a warfare against public dirt, disease, and selfishness.

"Civic Club in Line With Municipal Improvements"
The Telegraph

Feb 4 1902 The Telegraph East Harrisburg.jpg
East Harrisburg supports the Campaign for Improvements launched by the city's Municipal League.

"East Harrisburg is for Improvements"
The Telegraph

1902 Board Jan 15 Telegraph.jpg
Board of Trade unanimously endorses and approves of the plans proposed by the Municipal Improvement League.

"Board of Trade Heartily Endorses Improvements
The Telegraph
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