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Two photographs illustrating what the State Capitol Building looked like before the fire started and then after it was put out.

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An article explaining the debate to move the capital of Pennsylvania back to Philadelphia after the Capitol building in Harrisburg burned down. Here the decision was made to keep it in Harrisburg.

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A photograph of the rotunda of the new Capitol Building designed by Joseph M. Huston. This photograph taken by William H. Row shows how ornate the interior of the building was. In particular, residents of Harrisburg noted how impressive the globes…

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Rumors that the bronze heads that Joseph M. Huston wanted on the bronze doors to the capitol building were actually modeled after the members of the the Capitol Building Commission resulted in many political cartoons like this one from 1908 in the…

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Stephen Hills put mantels like this one into the Capitol building. People believe that this was the source of the fire that burned the building down because of insufficient ventilation.

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Two photographs that illustrate the damaged that the fire in the Capitol building did to the structure itself.
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