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Telegraph Jan 16 the nonsense of it all.jpg
This article discusses the bunk, or nonsense, spoken by those who disapprove of the Campaign for Improvements.

"The Nonsense of It"
The Telegraph

January 27 The Telegraph In Response.jpg
The Telegraph warns renters in Harrisburg to not listen to the false allegations others are making against the campaign regarding an increase in taxes and living.

"Renters Must Not Listen to the Croaker"
The Telegraph

Feb 11 Telegraph Opinions of Citizens.jpg
The Telegraph released an article featuring the opinions of Harrisburg residents on the Campaign for Improvement. They featured no negative opinions.

"Here Are A Few Opinions of Our Residents"
The Telegraph

Feb 3 No plans.jpg
The Telegraph reassures the residents of Harrisburg that this plan is no scheme to improve Front Street.

"Harrisburg Plan No Scheme to Improve Front Street"
The Telegraph

Feb 2 Read the Whole Plan.jpg
This article from The Telegraph encouraged residents of Harrisburg to read and consider the entire Campaign for Improvement as oppose to disapproving of a specific portion.

"Do Not Vote Against Whole Because You Oppose a Part"

Page 85 in Harrisburg's 1900 municipal report argues for Reservoir Park to be enlarged because of the massive number of visitors to the park. The success of this park would play a role in the impending City Beautiful Movement.

Page 84 of Harrisburg's 1900 municipal report describes the influx of visitors to Reservoir Park (just prior to the City Beautiful Movement).

Page 169 of Harrisburg's 1899 municipal report describes multitude of diseases and increased death rate in Harrisburg, indicating that in the years immediately preceding the City Beautiful Movement, Harrisburg's state of health was in rapid decline.

Page 73 of Harrisburg's 1897 municipal report describes how crowded the park was during the summer, portraying the success of the city's sole green space (more of which would be developed during City Beautiful).

Phila Press Jan 11 1902 Lawyers Endorse.jpg
The Bar Association of Harrisburg praises, endorses, and passes a resolution supporting the Campaign for Improvements.

"Lawyers Endorse the Plans"
Philadelphia Press
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