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This political cartoon depicts Harrisburg as a tired old man awoken by the shouts of Philadelphia, Scranton, and other Pennsylvania cities. These cities were observing the Campaign of Improvement.

"A Comic Valentine for Harrisburg"

This is a cartoon depicting the Municipal Improvement as a woman holding a large umbrella welcoming in the wards of Harrisburg protecting them from the rain. Note which ward is first.

"Everybody Come In"
The Telegraph

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This cartoon cartoon displays a sleeping Harrisburg watched by multiple cities.

This cartoon shows Harrisburg in 1925 with the city pleased at its choice in investment for the City Beautiful Project.

The Telegraph

1901 Hurrah Hurrah.jpg
"Vote for the Public Improvement" was a song created by George F. Ross to the tune of "Marching Through Georgia". It appeared in a pamphlet distributed by the Harrisburg League for Municipal Improvement.

Page 53 of Harrisburg's 1894 report describes the social activities and celebrations at Reservoir Park, indicating the success of a green space before the City Beautiful Movement began.

Page 73 of Harrisburg's 1897 report shows pictures of Reservoir Park, which had been maintained for its vast crowds. Prior to the City Beautiful Movement, there was a civic awareness of the great impact of green spaces like Reservoir Park.

Phila Press 1901 Jewish Assoc.jpg
"For Improvements, The Jewish Association Has Taken A Hand In Pushing Harrisburg to the Front as a Modern City"

Reverend David Goldberg held a meeting with the Jewish Association of Harrisburg. He explained the ideas of the movement and the…

Feb 4 1902 The Telegraph East Harrisburg.jpg
East Harrisburg supports the Campaign for Improvements launched by the city's Municipal League.

"East Harrisburg is for Improvements"
The Telegraph

Jan 21 THe Telegraph Civic Club.jpg
The Civic Club supports the Municipal League and their efforts in making Harrisburg nobler and happier in a warfare against public dirt, disease, and selfishness.

"Civic Club in Line With Municipal Improvements"
The Telegraph
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